Summer School 2020

The Violence of Traditions and the Traditions of Violence

The 10th Folklore Fellows’ Summer School will be hosted by the School of Humanities at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), 17–23 August 2020. The theme focuses on an essentially important field of research in folklore study: the violence of traditions and the traditions of violence.

In recent years, the violence of culture and the culture of violence has become a widely studied and hotly debated issue. The organizers of the Folklore Fellows’ Summer School 2020 think that folklorists must contribute to these debates and studies, for example, by examining the heritage aspects of violent folklore and the folklore of violence.

Violence is not a new topic in folklore studies. Just think of ethnocentric folklore, racist and sexist jokes, the brutality of many folktales, the verbal lore of street gangs, heroic narratives and commemorations of war, victim stories of domestic and other forms of abuse, honor killings and other forms of honor violence, female genital mutilations, theatrical and/or ritual blackface presentations, (often cruel) sports involving animals, cultural appropriation and neo-colonialism in general, cultural ideas concerning sexual harassment and other forms of gendered violence.


The Folklore Fellows’ Summer School 2020 will provide the participants with an inspirational forum for learning and critical discussion on the violence of traditions and the traditions of violence. The teachers include Regina Bendix, Charles Briggs, Terry Gunnell, Valdimar Hafstein, Peter Jan Margry, Stein R. Mathisen, Sadhana Naithani, Nona Shahnazarian and Lotte Tarkka.

The participants are selected from applications, with preference for doctoral students and younger scholars in folklore studies and closely related fields. In order to participate and earn ECTS credits, the students are expected to write a draft article on their individual ethnographic and/or theoretical work, give an oral presentation in a workshop, and write a learning diary. The students will be charged a fee that covers tuition, meals, accommodation in twin rooms, excursions and joint extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, we are unable to reimburse travel expenses.

The Summer School also offers excursions and joint extracurricular activities in and around Joensuu, in the beautiful landscape of Northern Karelia, close to the Russian border.

Application process

We will open the application process in early June 2019, announcing it in the Spring issue of FF Network and on Folklore Fellows Facebook page. The announcement will provide detailed instructions as to how to apply. We will also update detailed instructions here. Please contact us ( if you have any further questions.

The Folklore Fellows’ Summer School 2020 operates under the auspices of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters and cooperates with the UEF Summer School and the SIEF Summer School.


Welcome to Joensuu in 2020!

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