How to become a member

Applications for associate membership should be sent by mail or e-mail as a freely formulated letter of application to two members of the Advisory Committee. The letter should contain sufficient information on the folkloristic merits of the applicant, a curriculum vitae or personalia, academic degrees and positions held plus a list of publications. In addition, a copy of the letter should be sent to the chairman of the Folklore Fellows, Professor Pekka Hakamies.


The Folklore Fellows operates under the auspices of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. The Academy Board appoints the editor-in-chief and other members of the editorial board of the FF Communications series and the chairman of the Executive Committee (EC) which consists of the folklorist members of the Academy. It is the task of the EC to develop the researcher network by inviting new members and distributing information on research and publications.

The EC is supported by the Folklore Fellows’ Advisory Committee (AC). It is the AC’s task to prepare proposals for new members, to assist in the planning of the scholarly training courses and to distribute information on the publishing potential afforded by the FFC series. The AC has ten scholarly members from outside Finland in addition to the members of the local EC. It is chaired by the chairman of the EC.

The Folklore Fellows consists of

  1. an unlimited number of honorary members
  2. a maximum of 100 full members and
  3. an unlimited number of associate members.

Honorary members are invited from among eminent folklorists whose scholarly contribution has over a long period been internationally and/or nationally important. Distinguished active scholars from different parts of the world are invited by the Folklore Fellows’ Executive Committee to become full members on the advice of the Advisory Committee. One quarter of the full members must be from outside Europe and North America.

The Executive Committee may invite associate members from among folklorists with scholarly merit, including junior and senior participants in the FF Summer School, authors in the FFC series, or representatives of closely related disciplines whose participation would help to achieve the functional goals of the scholarly network through contacts with research, teaching and archive establishments in different parts of the world.

Member contacts are maintained by the bulletin FF Network, giving information on forthcoming FF Summer Schools, the monographs appearing in FFC, conferences, projects and other activities of scholarly networks on special themes.

Members are entitled to a 30% discount of all volumes published in the Folklore Fellows’ Communications series.

The rules of the Folklore Fellows are ratified and amended by the Board of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters at the unanimous proposal of the Folklore Fellows’ Executive Committee.

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