We are happy to announce that Oral Tradition, a peer-reviewed, open access journal focusing on the world’s oral traditions and related forms from antiquity to the present day, has moved to a new home at Harvard. Oral Tradition reaches more than 20,000 readers per year in over 200 countries, and its electronic format facilitates both multimedia presentation of texts and access to more than 30 years of back issues. We welcome article submissions on a variety of topics pertaining to oral traditions broadly understood, from researchers working in fields such as comparative literature, folklore, ethnomusicology, anthropology, and allied disciplines.

Inquiries may be directed to the Co-Editors, David F. Elmer and John Zemke, or to the Managing Editor, Panayotis League.

Please visit our new, redesigned website at http://www.oraltradition.org


The Co-Editors of Oral Tradition

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