FFC 273

Heda Jason:
Motif, Type and Genre: A Manual for Compiling of Indices
A Bibliography of Indices and Indexing.
Helsinki: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia (Academia Scientiarum Fennica). 2000. 279 pp.

ISBN 951-41-0878-7 (hardback)
ISBN 951-41-0879-5 (paperback)

27 euros (hardback)
23 euros (paperback)

The present Manual describes in detail methods and procedures for classifying (indexing/typing) folk literature. It has been prepared by an ethnopoetician at the suggestion of colleagues engaged in philological-historical research and is written on the basis of the author’s experience in both compiling indices for oral folk literature and using indices compiled by others. The Manual describes concepts, methods and working techniques. Three kinds of indices are described: indices for literary motifs, indices for tale types of oral and folk literatures and indices for ethnopoetic genres. It is intended as a practical guide. The last part of the Manual brings an annotated bibliography of indices and indexing and the analytical registers of the bibliographical entries.

After surviving the Holocaust in Europe HEDA JASON emigrated to Israel in 1949, where she graduated in Jewish Studies; postgraduate studies in Folklore and Linguistics she took at the universities of Göttingen, Berkeley and Bloomington, Indiana. She taught ethnopoetics at Tel-Aviv University. Among her publications are 4 indices for Jewish folktales and an index for Indian folktales (FFC 242, 1989); theoretical treatises on genre in folk literature: Ethnopoetry: Form, Content, Function (Bonn 1975) and Whom Does God Favor: The Wicked or the Righteous? The Reward-and-Punishment Fairy Tale (FFC 240, 1988); and several works on Jewish folk literature: Studies in Jewish Ethnopoetry (Taipei 1975); she is currently working on classification of epic themes.

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