FF Network bulletin

The FF Network bulletin, edited by the FFC editor-in-chief and the publications secretary, announces new works in the FFCommunications and the Finnish Literature Society’s Studia Fennica Folkloristica series, and covers present-day challenges to folkloristics. The bulletin appears twice a year, and it has so far been sent out by post to members of the network. The dissemination of the bulletin may in future take place electronically, as well as by post where needed.

FF Network strives to make Finnish folkloristics known. Its still more important task is, however, the promotion of collaborative work in folkloristics on an international level. Nowadays, FF Network publishes two or three articles in each issue, as well as book reviews and presentations by folkloristics institutes in different countries.

FF Network has a wide distribution, so that authors are able to reach a readership spread over many countries and regions.

FF Network articles are refereed, but presentations of institutes and views of folkloristics are chosen by the editorial team. If you would like to take part in the work of the FF Network, please contact the publications secretary, Maria Vasenkari.

FF Network is published in English and we follow standard British style, although American conventions may also be used.

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