Textualization of oral epics
A conference for Folklore Fellows in Oral Epics
Turku University, Turku, Finland
June 27-29, 1996


Thursday, June 27

9.15 Opening session

Lauri Honko: Textualization as a problem
Dell Hymes: Sung epic and Native American ethnopoetics
General discussion

13.30 Session 1: European epic traditions

John Foley: The textualization of South Slavic oral epic and its implications for oral-derived epics
Minna Skafte Jensen: The recording in writing of the Iliad and the Odyssey
Joseph Harris: Performance, textualization, and textuality of “elegy” in Old Norse
Boris Putilov: From my experience in the textualization of Russian oral epics
David E. Gay: Recreating the oral text: tradition-based literary epic in Europe, 1762-1904
Discussant: Sabine Ispas

Friday, June 28

9.00 Session 2: Turkic/Central Asian epics

Karl Reichl: Silencing the voice of the singer: problems and strategies in the editing of Turkic oral epics
Imel B. Moldobaev: Historic-ethnographical aspects of the textualization research of the Manas epic
Discussant: Lauri Harvilahti

11.00 Session 3: Arabic epics

Dwight F. Reynolds: An Arabic oral epic text from apprenticeship to publication (with video)
Monim Haddad: The textualization of Arabic epics, past and present
Discussants: Micheline Galley, Heikki Palva

15.00 Session 4: African epics

John W. Johnson: Authenticity and oral performance: textualizing the epics of Africa for Western audiences
Dan Ben-Amos: The narrator as an editor
Jan Knappert: The textualization of Swahili epics
Discussant: Stephen Belcher

Saturday, June 29th

9.00 Session 5: Indian epics

Lauri Honko: Text and context in the textualization of Tulu epics
Anneli Honko: Three performance contexts of the Siri epic (video)
John Brockington: The textualization of the Sanskrit epics
Discussants: Viveka Rai, A. Chellaperumal

13.30 Session 6: Epics of East-Asia, the Pacific and the Americas

Arthur T. Hatto: Textology and epic texts from Siberia and beyond
Juha Pentikäinen: “I lift you up, the dry throats” – on Nanay shamanic epic (with video)
Anna-Leena Siikala: Epic narration on Mauke, a Southern Polynesian island
Discussants: John B. Alphonso Karkala, Kristen Thisted

Conference venue: FENNICUM, Henrikinkatu 3, Auditorium XXV.

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