The scholarly network “Folklore Fellows in Oral Epics” organised a panel as part of the 11th Congress of the International Society for Folk-Narrative Research held in Mysore in January 1995 (see report in FF Network 10). A selection of the papers presented at the six sessions of the panel has been published by the Central Institute of Indian Languages, address: Manasagangotri, Mysore 570 006, Karnataka, lndia. The price is USD 30 plus packing and postage. The fax number of the publisher is +91 821 515032.

Honko, Lauri & Handoo, Jawaharlal & Foley, John Miles (eds.) 1998:
The Epic: Oral and Written.
Mysore: Central Institute of Indian Languages. 234 pp.


LAURI HONKO, Introduction: Oral and Semiliterary Epics

Oral Composition of Epics

LAURI HONKO AND ANNELI HONKO, Multiforms in Epic Composition
JOHN MILES FOLEY, The Rhetorical Persistence of Traditional Forms in Oral Epic Texts
MINNA SKAFTE JENSEN, A. B. Lord’s Concept of Transitional Texts in Relation to the Homeric Epics

Epic Traditions in India

HEDA JASON, Indian and Euro-Afro-Asian Epic Traditions
JOHN BROCKINGTON, Formulaic Expression in the Ramayana: Evidence for Oral Composition?
MARY BROCKINGTON, The Relationship of the Ramayana to the Indic Form of “The Two Brothers” and to the Stepmother Redaction
SUSAN S. WADLEY, Creating a Modern Epic: Oral and Written Versions of the Hindi Epic Dhola

Epic and History

DORIS EDEL, Mental Text, Landscape, Politics, and Written Codification: The Irish Epic Táin Bó Cúailnge
ISAAC OLAWALE ALBERT, “Alaro Ataoja Osogbo”: A Yoruba Palace Historian

Integrating Oral and Written

LAURI HARVILAHTI, The Poetic “I” as an Allegory of Life
KIRSTEN THISTED, The Collection of Greenlandic Traditions: Oral and Semiliterary
JIANGBIAN JIACUO, Gesar in Contemporary Tibetan Society
JIA ZHI, Minstrels: A Golden Key to Epic Study

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