Papers from the Turku 1996 Conference on Epics

Textualization of Oral Epics. Edited by Lauri Honko.
(Trends in Linguistics: Studies and Monographs 128.)
Berlin – New York: Mouton de Gruyter, 2000. viii + 392 pp.
ISBN 3-11-016928-2


Lauri Honko, Text as process and practice: the textualization of oral epics

European epics
Minna Skafte Jensen, The writing of the Iliad and the Odyssey
John Miles Foley, The textualization of South Slavic oral epic and its implications for oral-derived epic
Joseph Harris, Performance, textualization, and textuality of “elegy” in Old Norse

Turkic and Siberian epics
Karl Reichl, Silencing the voice of the singer: problems and strategies in the editing of Turkic oral epics
Arthur T. Hatto, Textology and epic texts from Siberia and beyond
Juha Pentikäinen, “I lift you up, the dry throats” – on Nanaj shamanic epic

Indian epics
John Brockington, The textualization of the Sanskrit epics
Lauri Honko, Text and context in the textualization of Tulu oral epics

African epics
John William Johnson, Authenticity and oral performance: textualizing the epics of Africa for Western audiences
Jan Knappert, The textualization of Swahili epics
Dwight F. Reynolds, Creating an epic: from apprenticeship to publication
Dan Ben-Amos, The narrator as an editor

North-American and Oceanian epics
Dell Hymes, Sung epic and Native American ethnopoetics
Anna-Leena Siikala, Generic models, entextualization and creativity: epic tradition on the Southern Cook Islands

(FFN 20, November 2000: 13 )

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