Folklore Fellows

is an international network of folklorists, promoting scientific contacts between researchers, publication work and research training. In striving to meet its objectives, Folklore Fellows invites outstanding and active researchers from across the globe to become members.

Folklore Fellows operates under the auspices of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. The membership forms an editorial advisory body on the Academy’s Folklore Fellows’ Communications series, and participates in organising the research courses of the Folklore Fellows’ Summer School. The activities of the Folklore Fellows are related in the Folklore Fellows’ Network bulletin.

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FF Network

  • FFN 50
    FFN 50
  • FFN 49
    FFN 49
  • FF Network 48
    FF Network 48
  • FF Network 47
    FF Network 47
  • FF Network 46
    FF Network 46
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    FF Network 45

FF Communications

  • FFC 311 (2016)
    FFC 311 (2016)
  • FFC 310 (2016)
    FFC 310 (2016)
  • FFC 308–309 (2015)
    FFC 308–309 (2015)

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