Folklore Fellows

is an international network of folklorists, promoting scientific contacts between researchers, publication work and research training. In striving to meet its objectives, Folklore Fellows invites outstanding and active researchers from across the globe to become members.

Folklore Fellows operates under the auspices of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. The membership forms an editorial advisory body on the Academy’s Folklore Fellows’ Communications series, and participates in organising the research courses of the Folklore Fellows’ Summer School. The activities of the Folklore Fellows are related in the Folklore Fellows’ Network bulletin.

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Latest in Folklore Fellows’ Communications

FFC 317

FFC 317

Hard it is to Stir My Tongue Raiding the Otherworld for the Elixir of Poetry Clive Tolley Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia Folklore Fellows' Communications 317 Tallinn 2019, 272 pp. ISBN 978-951-41-1140-2 Available at the Tiedekirja bookstore. Where does poetic inspiration...

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FFC 316

FFC 316

Folkloristics in the Digital Age Eds. Pekka Hakamies and Anne Heimo   Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia Folklore Fellows’ Communications 316 Tallinn 2019, 181 pp. ISBN 978-951-41-1126-6 Available at the Tiedekirja bookstore. Folklorists are not only interested in old or...

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Latest in Folklore Fellows’ Network Bulletin

FFN 51

FFN 51

Folklore Fellows Network no. 51, 2018: The Two Faces of Nationalism

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FFN 50

FFN 50

Contents Pekka Hakamies Scholarly Freedom Amy Shuman Speaking Out, Speaking for, and the Right to Speak on Behalf of Others Kirsti Salmi-Niklander Writers and listeners of Walotar – Exploring the oral-literary traditions of the Finnish community in Rockport,...

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2 months ago
FFC 319

We are happy to announce the publication of Maxim Fomin's "Ludwig Mühlhausen, Séamus Ó Caiside and Scéal Rí na Gréige: The Tale of ´Three Golden Children´(ATU 707) in 1937 Donegal" (FFC 319). ... See more

Ludwig Mülhausen, Séamus Ó Caiside and Scéal Rí na Gréige. The Tale of 'Three Golden Children' (ATU 707) in 1937 Donegal. Maxim Fomin. Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia Folklore Fellows' Communications ... See more

6 months ago
Summer School 2021

RESCHEDULED: Folklore Fellows' Summer School "The Violence of Traditions and the Traditions of Violence"!

FFSS 2020 just became FFSS 2021 due to the pandemic Corona Virus outbreak of this spring. ... See more

The 10th Folklore Fellows’ Summer School, ”The violence of traditions and the traditions of violence”, will be hosted by the School of Humanities at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), in ... See more

7 months ago
Rapunzel’s Toolkit, or How to Nurture Magic and Sanity In Your Tower - The Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic

What a great idea! Nurture magic and sanity, folks, while keeping physical distance and hand washing.

"This is a massive list of free and low-cost resources (magazines, stories, music, museum ... See more

An online school for courses on folklore and fantastic literature

9 months ago
Verzeichnis der altböhmischen Exempel | Bookstore Tiedekirja

Karel Dvořák's "Verzeichnis der altböhmischen Exempel. Index exemplorum paleobohemicorum" (FFC 318) is now available for purchase at the Bookstore: Tiedekirja!

More information coming soon.

9 months ago
Folklore Fellows' Publications in 2019

In the email newsletter, links to all three volumes of FFC, and the FF Network Bulletin no. 53.

10 months ago
FFC 318

For a great ending of the decade, the latest book in the Folklore Fellows' Communications series is out! We are happy to present to you "Verzeichnis der altböhmischen Exempel: Index exemplorum ... See more

Verzeichnis der altböhmischen Exempel Index exemplorum paleobohemicorum Karel Dvořák. Mitarbeiter Kamil Boldan. Herausgeber Jan Luffer. Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia Folklore Fellows’ Communications ... See more

10 months ago
FFN 53

Folklore Fellows' Network 53 is out!

Frog: FF Communications under Duress
Coppélie Cocq: The Where, How and Who of Digital Ethnography
Charles L. Briggs: A Brief History of the ... See more

Contents.   FF Communications under Duress Frog The Where, How and Who of Digital Ethnography Coppélie Cocq A Brief History of the University of California, Berkeley’s Folklore Graduate Program ... See more

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