Folklore Fellows

is an international network of folklorists, promoting scientific contacts between researchers, publication work and research training. In striving to meet its objectives, Folklore Fellows invites outstanding and active researchers from across the globe to become members.

Folklore Fellows operates under the auspices of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. The membership forms an editorial advisory body on the Academy’s Folklore Fellows’ Communications series, and participates in organising the research courses of the Folklore Fellows’ Summer School. The activities of the Folklore Fellows are related in the Folklore Fellows’ Network bulletin.

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Latest in Folklore Fellows’ Communications

FFC 314

Matthias Egeler: Atlantic Outlooks on Being at Home. Gaelic Place-Lore and the Construction of a Sense of Place in Medieval Iceland. Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia. Folklore Fellows’ Communications 314

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FFC 312

FFC 312, Hans-Hermann Bartens: Tschuden und andere Feinde in der saamischen Erzähltradition

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Latest in Folklore Fellows’ Network Bulletin

FFN 50

Contents Pekka Hakamies Scholarly Freedom Amy Shuman Speaking Out, Speaking for, and the Right to Speak on Behalf of Others Kirsti Salmi-Niklander Writers and listeners of Walotar – Exploring the oral-literary traditions of the Finnish community in Rockport,...

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FFN 49

Contents Pekka Hakamies Focusing on the main task Kaarina Koski Continuing Bonds in Finnish Bereavement Narratives Māra Zirnīte and Ieva Garda-Rozenberga Oral History Studies in Latvia News from the Finnish Literature Society Dani Schrire, Hagar Salamon and Galit...

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1 day ago
FFC 316

Now out: "Folkloristics in the Digital Age", eds. Pekka Hakamies & Anne Heimo.

Please visit our website and read the Introduction on-line!

"The internet has not diminished people’s need to ... See more

Folkloristics in the Digital Age Eds. Pekka Hakamies and Anne Heimo.   Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia Folklore Fellows’ Communications 316 Tallinn 2019, 181 pp. ISBN 978-951-41-1126-6 Available at the ... See more

1 month ago
Photos from Folklore Fellows's post

You can now read the "Introduction" chapters of the latest FFC volumes on-line!

2 months ago
Summer School 2020

Folklore Fellows' Summer School 2020 is announced: The Violence of Traditions and the Traditions of Violence.

The Violence of Traditions and the Traditions of Violence. The 10th Folklore Fellows’ Summer School will be hosted by the School of Humanities at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), 17–23 ... See more

2 months ago

Breaking news: The American Folklore Society's Archives & Libraries Section has awarded "Visions and Traditions. Knowledge Production and Tradition Archives" (eds. Lauri Harvilahti, Audun Kjus, ... See more

5 months ago
FFN 52

Issue 52 of the Folklore Fellows' Network is out. Read the editorial farewell of prof. emer. Pekka Hakamies, learn about video game studies from Dr. Jukka Vahlo, and get first impressions of the ... See more

6 months ago
Contact Information

Dear Readers, we've been having problems with our email, and I don't know for how long – the problem was just brought to my attention this week. So if you have tried to contact us via "secretary ... See more

Chairperson Pekka Hakamies Editor Frog Editorial secretary Petja Kauppi   Bookstore Tiedekirja. Do you wish to purchase a book ... See more

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