Folklore Fellows Network Bulletin

FF Network 43

Pekka Hakamies The Individual and the History of Science Alexandra Bergholm King, Poet, Seer: aspects of the Celtic Wild Man legend in medieval literature Anna Angelopoulos and Marianthi Kaplanoglou Greek Magic Tales: aspects of research in Folklore Studies and...

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FF Network 42

Pekka Hakamies Publish or perish Kari Mikko Vesala & Seppo Knuuttila Non-communication as a perspective on the world of communication: elaborating on Bateson Regina F. Bendix Forget inheriting – invest in culture! News from the Finnish Literature Society Aili...

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FF Network 41

Pekka Hakamies Dear Folklore Fellows Timo Kaartinen Handing down and writing down Pekka Hakamies Management and loss of narrative knowledge in the 'Guided Islands and Conducted Lands' (East Indonesia and East Timor) News from the Finnish Literature Society Folklore...

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